Shoe Solution and Reviews


I’ve been meeting A LOT of people lately who are desperately searching for good quality and fashionable shoes that fit custom shoe insoles. Having flat feet and custom insoles myself, I’ve come to appreciate how rare a good shoe is.

Because lots of walking is a given in Israel, I set out to find the best quality and awesome looking shoes out there, and I totally found them! Thank God!

Pause for a word of advice: sign up to the Amazon Prime trial for a month and order all the shoes you’re considering at once. Free two day shipping to you and free returns! I was not paid to write that 🙂

Here’s what I ended up buying. They weren’t cheap, but there are seriously the most comfortable, quality shoes I’ve ever owned.

Dansko Brandi Pink Madras

Dansko Brandi Pink

These are brilliant. They’re built like an orthopedic shoes, but they look super trendy and modern on. They have a removable insole with enough room to fit shoes insoles, and a platform that adds height and corrects posture, as well as plenty of room for toes. I’ve been walking all around with these, and they look and feel incredible. And I’ve gootne such nice comments! Buy half a size up.

Dansko Lulu

dansko lulu 1

Best shoes ever!! These are so elegant! The front looks like a ballerina flat, and the strap on top is delicate and flattering. Also, they come in blue, plum, grey, and black. They have removable insoles, and mine easily slip in once I take their out. They give the impression of a wedge without any discomfort in the heel or feeling of imbalance. The toe box also gives plenty of breathing room. I bought them for shabbos, and I hope they last a while! Buy half a size up for these, too.

There are funkier versions of this shoe:

dansko lois
Dansko Lois
Dansko rebel.jpg
Dansko Rebel

I also bought clog style shoes from Dansko, but found that they weren’t breathable, so I returned them.

I hope this helped you if you’re searching for good shoes! Dansko has proven to be the best brand for me, and I’ve heard and read great reviews. I’d highly recommend searching on Amazon for Dansko shoes and loot at what comes up. Good luck!


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