Aliyah Resources!

When I first thought about making aliyah, I went in search of aliyah blogs. I only found one, which is why I began my own. Now, 4 years later, I know a bit more.

Here is a list of resources I’ve found so far. This’ll be a dynamic post; one I plan to add to as my resources grow. It is by no means a well researched or comprehensive list.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this list so far! Feel free to comment with the resources you found helpful so that I can add them.


Because It’s Israel: An Aliyah Odyssey When young law student Arthur Miller books a trip to Israel for himself and his new wife Ronnie in the aftermath of the Six Day War, he unknowingly begins an odyssey that will last almost four decades. After thirty-five years of annual visits, he finally fulfills his dream of making aliyah. Join Arthur and Ronnie on their delightful and inspirational journey to figuring out life as Israeli citizens.

Whether you’ve already made aliyah and can heartily identify with Arthur and Ronnie or you are in love with Israel and want to read about it from afar, perhaps in anticipation of making aliyah someday, this fascinating chronicle will have you laughing, crying, commiserating, and getting in touch with the infatuation that we all share for our beloved Land.

Just Get On That Plane: Aliyah. And Why You Need To Make It. Right Now! In this highly original, strongly worded, semi-fictitious work, “Yaakov ‘Yanky’ Greenspan” (author, From Titus to Trump) explains why the Jewish Diaspora is doomed to fail and why Israel is the only place where Jews should be making a home for themselves. Arguing both lucidly and with raw passion, Greenspan contends that the time for world Jews to move to Israel is right now! After outlining the various reasons why, and the monumental importance of Jews moving to Israel, Greenspan provides a tour-de-force outline of how the Jewish State is both succeeding and primed for further success in various measures: economically, socially, and politically. If you’re on the fence about making aliyah, then this is the book that will win you over and have you reaching for your luggage tags. 

Becoming Israeli: The Hysterical, Inspiring and Challenging Sides of Making Aliyah “Becoming Israeli” captures the story of aliyah, of Jews moving their entire lives and futures to Israel. To tell this story, Akiva Gersh recruited 40 bloggers whose words take readers on an adventure that evokes a wide range of emotions, from frustration to inspiration, from confusion to deep pride.

From Israel With Love, by Tzvi Fishman. In addition to lauding the unparalleled blessing of living in the Land of Israel, the essays in this book reject the superficial understanding of Judaism that is taught throughout the Diaspora, which sees Diaspora Judaism as an end in itself, and not what it really is – a punishment of exile in foreign lands until we return to our own Holy Land. 

Check out more books on the After Aliyah blog.


Anglo Lists is covers topics such as employment, lifestyle, and tourism. It also has a comprehensive business directory and an option to list your own business. (in their own words) is a unique initiative from R’oo Israel, an NGO with the mission of making Aliyah for Westerners not just a feasible choice but a desirable one. AliyahPod is a free-to-use platform that can fundamentally alter the future of how people make Aliyah. It allows people to easily pre-create, find, recruit, organize and manage virtual communities, or Pods. The goal is then to actualize these Pods by moving the entire Pod together as a real-life community to a location, or Landing, in Israel. Online Pod -> On-land Community. The entire process is accomplished within a streamlined and guided system, transforming a normally complicated and cumbersome experience into a manageable and pleasant one.

So You Just Made Aliyah

On this site you will find answers to your questions and aid for your first months (and beyond) in Israel.

There are several pages which focus on different aspects of life and making aliyah. Everything from what you should do in the first few weeks and how to deal with bureaucracy to a list of approved (and not approved) doctors.

This was compiled by tzevet klita with the help of everyone in the olim community in Haifa.

Becoming Israeli: Their current programs include the media series “Talking Aliyah”, the video lecture series “Israeli History Ulpan”, and the “Made for Olim” Tiyulim which organizes specialized trips for olim to better understand the ancient and modern history of Israel that most Israelis grow up learning about and knowing. 

Secret Tel Aviv is your destination if you want to know what’s current and get involved with the Anglo community in Israel. They also have a great list of aliyah resources.

Janglo is the anglo version of Craigslist in Israel, albeit more comrehensive and with a lot more appealing web design. I found a few of my jobs through them!

Yishai Fleisher‘s website is not directly relevant to Aliyah, but I’m listing it because he has an impressive amount of commitment and knowledge about Israel, particularly when it comes to Chevron, where he is the International Spokesperson for the Jewish Community. 

Unpacked: Learn the truth about The Israeli-Palestinian conflict through articles and Youtube videos here.


Top 9 Aliyah Blogs from Expat Tax

Adventures in Aliyah Land is full of helpful tips and relatable struggle and triumphs. You can also sign up for their weekly aliyah tips through email.

The Aliyah Planner is all about practicality and convenience. Written by a mother of 4 who made aliyah with her family.

Joy of Aliyah follows master chef and mother, Jamie Geller, as she settles into her new home. It includes dozens of delicious recipes, too!

Israel’s Good Name is a blog authored by Shem Tov Sasson. It covers nature, travel in Israel, life in the IDF, his experiences as an archaeology student at Bar Ilan and more.

The Lone Soldier Center: Thinking of joining the army? Check this blog out.

Olim Advisors – I’d have to include this in my tops ten list of practical and down to earth information, especially once you’ve already moved to Israel. They also offer a free aliyah checklist!

Hadassa Magazine is targeted at retirees making aliyah. Full of fun resources and ideas!

Israel Blogger is a collection of blogs from contributing authors covering all sorts of aliyah topics, from politics to personal experience. They aim to build an open platform with no censorship, so expect lots of different viewpoints. (I haven’t read this blog extensively, so not sure where it leans.)

The Israel Forever blog, authored by Akiva Gersh, a teacher at the Jewish National Fund, is updated frequently with practical as well as poetic and Zionist wisdom.

Check out more blogs here!


Aleeza BenShalom is making aliyah in 2021. Follow her journey through her Facebook page!

Israel News Websites:

The Jerusalem Post

The Times of Israel


2 thoughts on “Aliyah Resources!

  1. I need to be a Israeli immigrant as well. Born in the U.S.A. my 14th Admendment with the 1st Admendment was taken from me in 2013 when the law was granted for same sex marriages and a non compliance ban placed in 2014. Since 2003, The USA has a alliance with Israel. Therefore, I like so many Americans would like to live and become a citizen of Israel. My first and last name is written in Hebrew.

    Jennifer Keegan
    ג’ניפר קיגן


    1. Hi Jennifer, I’m not sure what the details of your case are, but I’m sure it’s hard for you, and I hope that you’re able to find your place.


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