Surprise! It’s not just a passport…

A UPS package came today from the Embassy of Israel, a big white one, and my mother was all excited that it was my visa. I was less than sure, since it’s been under two weeks since we went to the embassy. When I opened it, my thoughts were proven correct; it was just my passport being returned.

It’s 2:30am now (hello to my fellow late nighters), and I’m gathering my belongings from the table to bring to my room. I pick up the envelope again, which is now covered in lipstick stains (yay for sisters!) and open my passport. I flip through the pages, and all the sudden, there it is! MY VISA!

Why would I ever know to look there?!

On another note, I had three interviews today, one to be a madricha (dorm counselor) for a summer-long internship program, another to be a madricha for a year-long seminary program, and the last, to be a head counselor in a traveling summer camp. I passed the last one on to a friend.

The first two were very informative. I learned a lot about the responsibilities of a madricha. It’s a hard job because you have to take care of logistics and relationships at the same time, and also be a disciplinarian. It’s far from a typical 9-5 job; there aren’t very specific set hours.

I already told the year-long program, after hearing what they want out of a madricha, that I don’t think I’m a good fit. I can just see that I wouldn’t be able to have much of a life outside of the job, and I can’t commit to that. But the summer program sounds amazing, so I’m praying for that one. The one issue that concerns them is my age. They usually only hire 21+, but maybe they’ll make an exception.

I’m in touch with a few other seminaries, but haven’t interviewed with them yet. I think I’m done job searching. I did a ton of research and networking and put in a lot of effort contacting people. I’m just going to trust now that it will all work out!

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