Change, Change, Change

The booths with the sign above them, sprinkled on every other corner of Jerusalem, scream, “Change,” and I, always obedient (most of the time…), obey. At first, I hesitated, but recently, I’ve been going at it head on. There’s something about moving to another country and being independent for the first time, simultaneously, that necessitates it.

With some friends from Akiva!

The most challenging thing for me is to find my own rhythm; I so often go to extremes. When I left my dorm counselor job, I planned to start school right away. My hebrew wasn’t good enough, and I didn’t have the funds, so it was back to work. It took weeks to find a job, but then I got 5…and then quit 2. Anyone here like roller coasters? Come to my side of town 🙂

Now that I’m working, I’m looking for an apartment, but I’m moving to a temporary one on Sunday. It’s been rainy (thank G-d) and cold here, so I could attribute it to that, but my head is pounding and I’m all achy, and I think it’s from stress.

It’s a fascinating experience to learn how to baby myself. There are people all over Israel who care for me and love me, but sometimes, when I’m standing by a bus stop and the bus hasn’t come, and I’m tired and cold, I give myself a hug. Last week, I treated myself to a professional massage. It was the best gift anyone could’ve given me. I made chicken soup and froze it, and ate it every night of the week. I stopped eating sugar. Some small things are a big deal, and it seems to me like this self nurture will help me now and in the future.

Bumped into Aleeza Ben-Shalom, the ‘Marriage Minded Mentor,’ and talked for hours

K, juicy news? I have been shidduch dating here. (A shidduch is basically a date for the sake of potential marriage, where both prospect, or someone close to them, research about each other beforehand. It’s very convenient- I’ll know a lot about my compatibility with a guy even before we go out.) Let me tell you, it is a unique form of torture to navigate the shidduch world without my parents in the same country. It’s nerve wracking, going out on dates without my sister telling me I look “stuuunnnning!!!” before I leave, or asking for all the details when I come back. I wish my parents could meet the guy beforehand. At least, if I get serious, that will be an excuse for them to come visit me 🙂

All in all, this is the life! The ups and downs, the new experiences, the challenges and changes; I’m moving. Israel necessitates faith in all circumstances, and I’m slow, but getting there. Looking forward to keeping you in the loop!

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