I’m Going Home!

I’m sitting here and reveling in this life changing moment. Nefesh B’Nefesh has sent me my flight itinerary! In this moment, I am not worried about what to do next, or how much I’ll miss my family, or where I’ll find work…I’m just grateful, so incredibly grateful, that Hashem has sent me this opportunity to go the holy Land. It feels like a new lease on life-like a rain shower of love coming my way.

I don’t know what tomorrow looks like-or even tonight-let alone the rest of my life! But in all truth, none of it is in my hands anyway. It’s going to be good! And I believe 100% that Moshiach is coming, and my move is only paving the way for my family and friends to join me. This thought gives me hope, and comfort, and strength. This is a road not meant to be traversed alone, and I feel my family backing me all the way. What more could I ask for? I’m going home!!

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